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The Arts

The ABC Hearts Art programs aim to inspire and make a positive difference in our world. We believe in providing relevant, innovative, and creative educational programs.

The Arts have the power to open doors and are therefore an essential component of each child’s education. 


The ABC Hearts STEM curriculum is based on the idea of educating through hands-on programs which can shape our children's future.

We integrate STEM subjects into a cohesive learning paradigm which is based on real world applications. 

Physical Fitness

The ABC Hearts Physical Fitness activities involve playing as being physically active coupled with sound nutritional practices; all aimed towards living healthier lifestyles.

We strongly believe being physically fit leads to better sleep, and helps adapt to emotional and physical challenges.

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Children are the hope of the world. Our mission is to make communities economically stronger and more socially diverse. We do this through the delivery of programs for scientific, historic, educational, ecological, recreational, agricultural, scenic, artistic, athletic or technological opportunities. At ABC Hearts, it requires a dream team of dedicated and experienced volunteers to help ensure that we get to reach out to as many communities as possible. We have been fortunate enough to have great volunteers, each having a unique set of skills and expertise. Without the skills they bring to ABC Hearts, it would be very hard for us to do our job and bring smiles to the hearts of children. If you would like to sign up as a volunteer, Sign Up here.

Help Our Cause

At ABC Hearts, we strongly believe children are our future.  With this in mind, we aim to make our communities more socially diverse and economically stronger.

We deliver programs which provide educational, recreational, artistic, athletic, and technological opportunities.

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions.  Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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Whatever "it" is, we want to hear it. Whether you need more information on our programs, want us to reach out to your community, or just have an amazing idea to share, this is the place to let your voice be heard.

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